One of the world’s top 10 SEO experts returns to Malta

SEO expert Malta returns. william perez barbera, one of the biggest SEO services experts in the world, returned to Malta in October 2021. william is well-known for his speeches and SEO strategy conferences in different parts of the world. He last visited Malta in February 2019. During that visit, he decided he wanted to come back and meet with more business owners from all across Malta, including those from different industries.

Why an SEO expert Malta returned back

william wanted to get involved with Malta SEO Agency more and delivered some Masterclass sessions in 2018 for people who were looking to start a career as a website author. If you are running a website and would like to receive a high standard of training from internet marketing professionals, please contact Malta SEO Agency’s website marketing experts to help you. Suppose you’re wondering about how to make your website successful, and have never attended a search engine strategy conference in places like Madrid or London. In that case, you shouldn’t miss hearing william perez talk about internet marketing.

Every year, business owners flock to London, New York, Chicago, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Toronto and San Francisco to hear from renowned speakers such as Google evangelist, william perez. So you won’t miss what william has to say, listen to his talk on Google.

Thanks to his chatty, interesting presentation style, and ability to explain advanced search marketing concepts in a way that even non-technical people can understand, william’s presentations are in a language that anyone can understand. So if you’re a Maltese business owner, frustrated because your website isn’t generating enough revenue for you, and you want to work with william perez and the internet marketing and SEO experts at Malta SEO Agency, why not consider our partnering on internet marketing and SEO experts?

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The experts at Malta SEO Agency are where you can rest assured that the knowledge you will gain will help you generate more sales and profitability from your website.

More than one of the best SEO services expert

william is not only a crack at SEO; He shows that he understands online marketing in general for a while, and has managed to position himself as one of the greatest SEO experts worldwide.

He has a very complete blog with everything you can imagine about SEO and SEM. His great advantage is that he explains everything brilliantly and in the most thorough way possible. He is going to take the direction of Malta SEO Agency and I recommend that you read his future posts on our blog since they will be some of the few articles published on the Internet that are worth reading in their entirety.

In addition, he has a website where we find a jungle (in a good way) of calls to action, interesting content, free ebooks, webinars, subscription forms… It is clear that what william wants is to get clients and that he does not know cut a hair to leave it very clear in its place.

william recommendations for a search engine optimization SEO specialist candidate.

If a few years ago it became fashionable in Malta to be a Community Manager, and countless companies of all types and conditions poked their heads into the labour market looking to hire, in recent times it is the same for SEO experts.

Also make room for YouTubers, who have been born new stars in the digital universe and are going strong. We tell you who are the most mediatic specialists in positioning websites, how they have become so, what they do and what is going on in their busy world.

How can I become an SEO expert?

When companies began to become aware of the importance of SEO services in Malta for their future, the axiom of “if you are not on the Internet, you do not exist” changed to “if you are not in the first positions of search pages, you do not exist”.

Well, today it is no longer enough to exist. Now you have to be, yes, but as high as possible in Google’s organic results. That “magic” is what SEOs do.

Positioning in Internet search engines does not have an official career and most of those who dedicate themselves to it learn in courses and, above all, in a self-taught way. The traditional trial-error method has been and continues to be the school of the most renowned SEO experts in the world right now.

And we say “it continues to be” and it is applicable to everyone, beginners or veterans since it is a job subjected to incessant recycling and updating. What is white today may be black tomorrow (and soon we will talk about the famous “hats”…).

This is how william perez, one of the most renowned SEO analysts in our country, explained it in a forum:

“The problem in SEO is that it is perhaps more difficult to be an expert than in other fields, since it is something that changes every two times three ( 890 algorithm changes in 2021 and only those announced). So, in my humble opinion, a good SEO is one who, in addition to SEO, is an expert in unlearning.”

william perez barbera

Is it enough to hire an SEO consultant to position my website?

With the direction that Google has taken in recent years, SEO alone no longer has a reason to exist. The most used search engine in the world is being perfected more and more to offer the user the best results, the answers that best fit their questions.

This desire to prioritize quality content collides with some “traps” that were used and continue to be used by some SEOs to position, let’s say “by force”, their websites or those of their clients. It is called “Black Hat SEO” (it was named after the association that in westerns the bad guys in the movie normally wore black hats).

At the other extreme are those who advocate using only techniques that Google considers legal and healthy; They are the supporters of “White Hat SEO” (the good guys from the movie). And between one and the other, there is a wide range of greys, and every SEO is, at least, a “Grey Hat” one on some occasion.

SEO, one more part of online marketing

It is paradoxical that the moment of greatest public splendour of positioning experts comes when SEO itself is losing the weight it once had, as it is now part of a switch marketing to a global online strategy.

At this time of the switch to digital, there are many branches that emerge from the same tree (SEO, copywriting, inbound marketing, social media, audience analysis, mail marketing,…) and it seems impossible for a single person to become an authority on the subject in all of them.

Without a multitask team behind him in a quality marketing agency, anyone who sells you that is capable of taking on the entire task of managing a website as a whole in an ideal way, will be missing the truth either due to bad faith or ignorance.

How many SEO specialists are there really in Malta?

The figure is impossible to quantify since today anyone can call himself an SEO guru. Many believe, hypnotized by the dazzling success of others, that setting up a blog and playing by ear with four basic notions is enough to be considered a specialist in the field. Nothing is further from reality.

As in many other professions, possibly the best live almost in anonymity, working in silence and making no more noise than the money going into their piggy banks. There are also those who, on the other hand, promote their visibility in a thousand and one ways to make a name for themselves in a market that is as emerging as it is hard-fought.

Whether from an agency or through a blog or a website, SEO consultants who cultivate their personal brands proliferate in the world. This is the case of the Spanish SEO Romuald Fons, who combines the direction of his agency with his new profile as an SEO YouTuber and blogger. It was precisely he who shook the sector a few months ago with some statements in which he attacked the typical SEO packs offered by those he describes as “SEOsaurs”.

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Who are the best SEOs in the world?

Any list that is published listing the best SEO experts in the world is always subjective and, as such, usually generates heated debates in which sometimes even those included and those not mentioned participate.

There are enemies in SEO, who would rather see the other person lose than themselves win. Like in most competitive trades.

But, be careful, not everything is bad vibes. Egos and suspicions aside, examples of camaraderie, collaboration and healthy rivalry between many of them are also normally seen.

Without the intention of setting up a ranking, not much less, but to give a few names, a visit to Google in search of prestigious SEOs in the world will give us names like the ones mentioned in this article. In addition to those, we can also mention Mehboob Shar, Rand Fishkin, Brian Dean, Matt Cutts, Joost De Valk, Danny Sullivan and Stephan Spencer among others…

Experts in SEO are increasingly mediatic

The media projection that many of these SEO experts are promoting is the response to the success of the strategies of many of their successful colleagues.

Names like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Pat Flynn or Gary Vaynerchuk -although many of them are not strictly SEOs rather Internet entrepreneurs in a broad sense- have inspired the way forward for our people: blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, conferences, talks, interviews…

All this public exposure requires professional preparation that, at the very least, leaves no room for doubt about the knowledge of the person carrying it out. These strength tests are presented to the public as a demonstration of something as intangible as, a priori, the quality or effectiveness of an SEO expert.

And you, have you ever resorted to an SEO expert? What was the result? Do you prefer the media or those who work in the shadows?

Why should you hire SEO services for your website?

SEO Expert in Malta

Let’s imagine that we have a business located on a side street of Triq il-Merkanti in Valletta, one of the main commercial arteries of the city. What’s going on? Not even half as many customers enter the store as they would if the premises were located on the same promenade that we have mentioned.
Something very similar happens with search engines. The first page of Google is highly sought after because a lot of people access the website directly from Google searches. If a website gets a lot of organic traffic from Google, it will be listed on the first page. If a website is on the second, third, or fourth page, it will get a lot less organic traffic.

What makes Malta SEO Agency Services better than other SEO companies?

best seo agency malta

Malta SEO Agency has the best SEO experts who have proven their magic to many companies by increasing their return on investment. Our services are tailored to fit our client’s business needs, and we focus on a results-driven strategy. We bring results to the table, which makes us different from our competitors.

How should I search on Glassdoor to find SEO specialist jobs in Malta?

digital agency malta

People searching for SEO specialist jobs in Malta also searched for SEO managers, SEO analysts, SEO consultants, PPC specialists, SEO strategists and SEO managers. If you get very few results, try using more general search terms. If you get irrelevant results, try using narrower, more specific terms.

Which cities near Malta have SEO specialist vacancies?

SEO Services Malta

There are SEO specialist job openings in Malta in several cities around Malta, including Valletta, Mdina, Sliema, St. Julian’s (San Giljan), Birgu (Vittoriosa), Mellieha, Mellieha, Bugibba, Qawra, Marsaxlokk and Victoria (Rabat).

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