How the trusted SEO company Malta will make you visible on Google in 8 Simple Steps

Make your company visible on Google: how to do it?

The most intelligent decision you can make is to hire SEO company Malta, or another of the SEO malta agencies that are professional and trusted. Although it could seem expensive at first, it will save you tons of money and, most important, tons of time.

The term SEO means Search Engine Optimization. To be visible online, a well-built site and effective SEO are essential assets to appear at the top of search engines. According to the terms used in digital marketing, natural SEO is a set of techniques and methods used for the optimization of sites and the improvement of the position of a site on the web search tool results pages.

In order to grow your business and ensure its sustainability, it is essential to be able to communicate your offer or service via a platform or a website. First of all, know that there are two types of web traffic: “free” natural (SEO) and paid (SEA).

  1. SEO is about improving your website’s visibility on search engines. Three pillars of SEO must be respected:
  • The technical aspect, i.e. the design of your site by a developer who masters SEO codes (ergonomics, site speed, readable URLs…
  • Quality content (regular publications adapted to your audience, with internal and external links…), is a major asset for ranking in search engines.
  • The popularity of your site and its ability to be shared on other platforms is done thanks to good content.

SEO requires a long-term strategy, which involves a complete audit and real reflection around keywords. This technique is more popular with entrepreneurs who do not want to incur costs on an advertising campaign that can be expensive.

  1. SEA (Search Engine Advertising). As opposed to SEO, SEA is a targeted but paid service that aims to place an advertisement in a good position on search engines. It is one of the best ways to position yourself quickly on the targeted keywords and generate traffic. On Google, we use Google Ads, previously named Google Adwords.

Did you know? Google rates websites by relevance.

The better the ratings, the more these are visible and come closer to the first searches displayed on Google.
As with your classic business plan, you must establish a digital strategy from the start of your business in order to establish a clear action plan.

Here are the eight steps to follow in order to be the most relevant in the eyes of the search engine and gain visibility

8 Steps that our SEO agency in Malta uses and will make you visible on Google

1. Perform an SEO audit

An SEO audit makes possible to check if a site meets all the requirements and recommendations of search engines. Its objective is to recommend technical improvements to promote the natural referencing of the website. It must be considered when creating a website, when redesigning the site, and also according to updates from search engines. Natural SEO must be monitored regularly.

The first phase of your analysis is to carry out an SEO audit which will focus on the three pillars mentioned above. It will be used to establish a natural positioning strategy and will allow you to identify blocking factors, areas for improvement, and the visibility inventory. Online platforms (free or paid) allow you to do this audit, such as Solocal, Outiref, Lighthouse (a new audit tool from Google), and MyPoseo. (Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Structured Data Testing Tool, Google Rich Results Testing Tool) You can also call on specialized agencies such as Eskimoz or Effilab (billed service).

Following the audit carried out, you will have broad visibility on the actions to be taken to improve the referencing of your site or platform. If you’re adept at addressing areas for improvement, tackle improving the site’s structure first, or ask your web developer to do so. Examples of easily achievable actions: speed up the display of the site on mobile, switch the entire site to HTTPS, remove unnecessary redirects, correctly code the pagination, add structured data to product sheets…

2. Choose your keywords correctly

Your website, whether it’s an e-commerce or an information page about your company and its activities, must be easily found. This requires the right choice of keywords, which Google defines as: “the words or phrases of your choice that describe your product or service, which help determine when and where your ad is likely to appear.”

Picking great catchphrases will comprise of tracking down articulations:

  • that determine your activity;
  • that are related to the target’s need;
  • which are little used by the competition (to have a fast positioning);
  • that is sufficiently researched to become relevant

Free and easy to use, SEOQuantum “Keyword Suggestions” tool shows you the results of keyword suggestions from search engines such as Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Bing… You will need to place your keywords at different places on your site: the Title tag (HTLM tag that contains a sentence repeated in the Internet user’s browser tab), the Meta description tag (element aimed at describing the content of your content in a few lines) hierarchical titles, content, images, URL.

Thanks to relevant keywords, the performance of your marketing hooks will necessarily improve. It shouldn’t just focus on volume, because a low search volume keyword can also make you stand out and be interesting to use.

Optimize your content

To be effective in organic SEO, the content of your site is a determining asset. Posts such as articles, videos, or graphic illustrations are the complement to perfect your pages and grab your target’s attention. However, the following rules must be observed:

  • You need to understand what your readers want by analyzing their search behaviours, as we saw earlier.
  • The content must be interesting and useful: Internet users recognize quality content and will likely direct other Internet users to it.
  • Write texts that are easy to read, original, and optimized for Internet users and not just for search engines: too many keywords can make the text unreadable and penalize you.
  • Use internal links wisely to ensure good internal networking of your site.

At the head of the french Pivoines And Love concept store, Pia Parenti emphasizes the importance of this digital strategy and the implementation of an attractive site:

“The digital strategy was implemented from the creation of the concept-store, our physical store in Paris, because we also launched the e-shop at the same time. Our first address being confidential, we have done everything to make ourselves known via Google and social networks. By regularly updating the site, creating Google posts and having an Instagram account with real content. The information must be ‘fresh’ and often updated, whether in terms of favourites, novelties and news.”

Pia Parenti

With the health crisis and the rise of Click and Collect this type of strategy is becoming more and more important.

4. Focus on the notoriety of your site

In order to ensure the good reputation of your site, two elements are essential: backlinking (action of developing a collection of external hypertext links pointing to a site or a web page that you wish to promote) and social network interaction.

Backlinking to attract Internet users

Backlinking is a strategy that allows you to develop the number of external links to your site in order to improve natural SEO and therefore increase its popularity in search engines. Google will highlight your site if it has a lot of backlinks (a hypertext link that sends a user from website X to website Y). Thus, to improve your positioning and your visibility, you can:

  • Create relevant content such as external links (backlinks) to increase your web presence and encourage Internet users to visit it.
  • Guest posting, i.e. partnering with specific blogs or sites to write articles about your products, in order to obtain external links (some bloggers may request financial compensation and these collaborations must develop over the long term)
  • Work with influencers and journalists to promote your site through articles or publications

Social networks, an essential ally for your success

Promoting your business on social networks is essential because they work like search engines. You can attract and retain customers through these platforms and targeted publications. Pia Parenti details this digital strategy:

“Our referencing is 100% natural. We have chosen not to pay to appear at the top. So, if Peonies and love is clearly visible and referenced, it is the result of real substantive work carried out since our beginnings in 2017, but also thanks to Google reviews posted by our customers. They post opinions on all platforms, and that matters a lot, both for Google and for our future customers who are reassured.”

Pia Parenti

The Google My Business page also allows you to get noticed:

“We manage this page by regularly updating information about us and by making posts. For us, it’s a social network in its own right, like Instagram or Facebook,” adds Pia Parenti. “This link is important because it allows us to have a simple channel of information, in terms of use on our side, but also of consultation for the customers”

Finally, Google also advises to “promote your business or site offline” by making sure “your business site URL appears on your business cards, letterheads, posters, etc.” and by sending “recurring newsletters to your customers by mail informing them of new content on your company’s website.”

A good marketing malta agency services could help with all these questons.

5. Improve user experience

To force the user to stay on your page, it must be perfectly arranged. So for a better user experience:

  • The internal mesh must be simple and efficient to make navigation easy
  • Your site must be adapted to mobiles and all types of screens
  • The page should load in one to two seconds

An update to Google’s algorithm, the Google Page Experience update, was deployed from May 2021. This new update had a significant impact on your natural referencing since the search engine will now take into account several criteria relating to the quality of the user experience. It is therefore essential that the ergonomics of your site or the loading time of your web pages are optimized. You can use one of the good quality design agencies Malta services.

6. Technical performance

A strong SEO strategy necessarily involves mastering the technical tools that will generate traffic in the long term. According to SEO experts, the creation technique has an important influence on the good positioning of a web page. Thus, the criteria to be taken into account are the following:

  • Mobile ergonomics: as stated above, this involves the design of interfaces allowing mobile devices to be used as easily and efficiently as possible.
  • The speed of the site (reduced loading time).
  • Readable URLs.
  • Optimized images.
  • Effective markup.
  • A correct response from all the pages of the site (no 404 error).
  • The presence of a sitemap, a file that makes it possible to prioritize the resources and content offered by the site.

Google’s Search Console tool is free and allows you to measure your site’s technical performance and troubleshoot major issues.

7. Performance analysis

The tool most used by entrepreneurs, Google Analytics can help you optimize the performance of your website. Indeed, it helps you to understand the behavior of Internet users who visit it in order to improve its ergonomics. Other companies like Botify also specialize in this area. These analyzes can be useful for you to get to know your visitors better (location, language, medium, demographics, centers of interest, etc.). Thus, the content can be adapted according to this major information for the good understanding of your audience.
Google Analytics also gives you details on the performance of your site with:

  • The bounce rate (user behavior which consists of leaving the page of a site without consulting other web pages) on your site.
  • The name of pages/sessions.
  • Conversion rate.
  • The number of conversions made.
  • The speed of your site.

This tool also allows you to know where your traffic comes from (social networks, paid search, direct traffic, other sites…) in order to capitalize on these sources of visits and launch targeted and effective campaigns.

8. Local SEO Search Engine Optimisation

Finally, as an entrepreneur (and especially if you own a convenience store), it’s essential to spend time on your local SEO. Let’s say you have a restaurant. Internet users will look for the restaurant closest to their home with the best reviews. If you do not work on your local SEO, you will not appear in the results displayed by the search engine. By building a locally focused SEO strategy, your site will appear in search results related to your specific business in your geographic area.

With free tools like Google My Business and Google Maps, you can present your business and update a lot of information for your customers (opening hours and days, health conditions, response to customer reviews… A good perception af your brand in your local area is very important; It could be a good idea to request for helo to one of the good quality branding companies Malta.

Keywords, internal content, local SEO… you now have all the cards to optimize the visibility of your business and put in place a strategy that will allow you to grow your project. And you have SEO Company Malta services ready to help you.

Why hire a SEO agency for your website SEO services?

best SEO company Malta

There are many benefits to hire an eCommerce SEO agency, most notably:
Access to Specialization
Specialized search engine optimization (SEO) agencies often hire experts and encourage/encourage their SEO professionals to invest in ongoing training. A high-quality agency will be committed to developing their skills to keep up with the latest technologies. This ensures that they know how to help customers stand out from their competitors.
SEO marketing strategy
A top-tier SEO agency will create a strategy specific to your business, one that gets you one step closer to achieving your business goals. Of course, these goals will vary depending on the nature of your business, so your potential agency is prepared to discuss your type of business and goals. That way, they have all the information they need to create an SEO strategy that meets their exact needs.
For example, if you want an SEO strategy for your e-commerce website, the processes, tools, and techniques will be very different from those used to drive traffic to a photographer’s blog or a nonprofit organization’s website. profit.
Your optimized strategy should be broken down into sentences, and these steps should be broken down into dual tasks. This allows for a clear picture of what needs to be done and when it will be completed.
Reports and analysis
A successful SEO strategy depends on data collection and analysis. Without a solid understanding of your search engine rankings (ie Google), there is no way to establish that the strategy you are implementing is helping you improve.
This is where outsourcing your SEO analysis and reporting to an agency with experience in this area is a real asset. Not only will you save time, but you’ll also gain actionable insights on how you can improve your current SEO strategies.

What makes Malta SEO Agency Services better than other SEO companies?

Malta SEO Agency Logo

1. We design an individual solution.
2. We detect and report the risks.
3. We have a specialized professional team.
4. We look at SEO strategically.
5. We offer comprehensive positioning services.
6. We respond to your request in a timely manner.
7. We care about your expectations.
8. We communicate clearly and professionally.
I your company does not match all these tips, you should switch Malta SEO Agency



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